Womens: Lift Weights, Heavy!

Female Fitness and Motivation.


I must admit, I’m addicted to working out. I love lifting weights! I can’t imagine giving up weight training. In the past few years since I started to train with weights, I have gone from being a frail long distance runner to a strong fitness athlete.

I am constantly complimented on my physique, which reflects the hard work that I have put in training with the iron. Having experienced the amazing benefits of weight training, I wonder why there are so few women out there who venture into the weights section of the gym.

Most women consider cardiovascular exercise and not weight training as the foundation of female fitness. Women think that they should either be skinny or curvaceous. I’m here to tell you that as a woman, looking athletic and having that lean muscular physique is both feminine and super sexy. And you can only get that sort of a physique by working out with weights, not by doing endless cardiovascular exercise.

Here are three common fears that women have around working out with weights and the reasons why you should eliminate those fears from your mind:

1. I don’t want to lift weights because I will get too big and muscular.

You might have seen a female bodybuilder with bulging muscles and veins popping out everywhere, and you fear you might become like her. Don’t worry, any female that has a physique like that is using synthetic substances. We women just don’t have enough testosterone in our bodies to build big bulky muscles like men. In fact, we have 10 times less testosterone in our bodies than men do.

So, our testosterone levels are just not high enough to ever pack on that sort of muscle naturally. In fact, we have to lift heavy and train hard just to be able to achieve the type of toned and defined muscles that create the nice curves and shape to our body.

Female Fitness Muscle
2. I don’t want to lift weights because I will put on weight.

Remember, weight is just a number. The number on the scale is not an important factor at all. What matters is your body composition. A woman with a fit lean body and nice toned muscles might weigh heavier on the scale than an overweight woman simply because muscles are heavier in comparison to fat.

Also, keep in mind that when you lift weights and build muscle, your metabolism increases. So the more muscle you have the more calories your body will burn and the more body fat you will reduce.

3. Lifting heavy weights is dangerous; I could get hurt!

While lifting weights can be dangerous, so can running on the treadmill or slipping during a Pilates class. As long as you learn the proper techniques and have the proper form down, you should have a happy and injury free weight lifting experience.

And the advantages of training with weights are numerous. Weight training increases muscle size and strength, increases bone density, lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, slows down aging and increases your lifespan. What’s not to like about lifting then?

So, if you are ready to look and feel strong, confident and sexy then go hit the weights and remember to go at it hard!