Top 10 Qualities Of Olympians

1. Your will to win is everything: have a ‘whatever it takes’ attitude.

2. Be the strongest: Train to be psychologically and physically stronger than any opponent.

3. Be unstoppable: Train to be psychologically and physically more persistent than any opponent.

4. Be explosive: Train to react faster and more explosively than your opponents.

5. Dominate: Train not to do well but to dominate your field of competition.

6. Have an indomitable will: be your own biggest support system.

7. Be a learning machine: constantly practice and study your competition.

8. Be open-minded: check your ego and be willing to accept an unlimited amount of coaching, critique and correction.

9. Compartmentalize your emotions: put aside anything and everything that will get in the way of complete focus on your task.

10. Think big, and act bigger: Clearly visualize where you want to be and be willing be put massive amounts of effective action to make it happen.