Flow retarded when I spit I get my drool on
I don’t rap I just shit like newborn
I don’t write I just spit like a tooth gone
So tell them haters cut it out like a coupon


Get on my level? you can’t get on my level. You would need a space shuttle or a ladder that’s forever.


I got chip from trying to get the whole cookie
Used to make a thousand dollars everytime I played hookie


Homeboy gotta mind that a map couldn’t find


Man Imma vegetarian so I only eat beets (beats)
Wear a lot of karats (carrots) and I smoke tha best greens/
No beef in my grocery bag, just some Swishers and whole bunch a cans of whoop ass/ I’m strapped like a bookbag/


Stunning like my daddy
And yo momma eat rubbers


Make a skinny girl holla, make the fat girl hungry
Make the ugly girls want me, but the pretty girls on me
Make the shy girl horny, make the fly girls corny


Life is such a fuckingg roller coaster then it drops. But what should I scream for? This is my theme park


No homo my flow is hard as an erection
So that’s why it’s fuck the world wit protection


People say I’m borderline crazy, sorta kinda. Woman of my dreams, I don’t sleep so I can’t find her