Do you want to get more muscular, stronger and ripped faster? Follow these 10 guaranteed steps to accelerate lean muscle and strength.

1. Increase your protein.

Consume 1 gram of protein per .5 kg of bodyweight. Increasing protein will speed up muscle building and prevent protein breakdown.

2. Increase your carbs.

Consume 3 grams of complex carbs per .5 kg of bodyweight. Increasing your complex carbs will provide your body with lots of energy and help prevent the body from breaking muscle tissue for issue during training.

3. Focus on the negative.

You stimulate muscle growth through contraction and stretching of the muscle fibers under heavy loads when training. During your lift, bring the weight slowly back to the starting position for maximal muscle growth.

4. Focus on the basic lifts.

Focus training sessions on the basic compound free weight exercises for maximum strength and muscle gains. Isolation exercises, machines and bodyweight exercises should be secondary.

5. Eat sufficiently high calories.

Eating sufficient amounts of high nutrient calories is key to gaining more muscle and strength fast. Eating muscle building snacks and whey protein shakes is a great way to increase calories for building muscle and strength.

6. Take your supplements.

The key to building muscle is training, eating, resting and getting the right supplements. The effectively muscle building supplements are whey protein, creatine monohydrate, BCAAs, fish oil and multivitamins.

7. Increase your your healthy fats.

In addition to high amounts of quality protein and carbs, also eat quality healthy fats. Take fish oil and eat salmon and nuts to get omega-3 fatty acids and other healthy fats.

9. Increase sodium intake.

Sodium is an essential mineral requirement for muscle growth. Sodium has gotten a bad rep since it promotes water retention ā€“ an abomination to contest ready bodybuilders. On the plus side, sodium augments carbohydrate storage and amino acid absorption while also improving the muscles’ receptiveness to insulin.

10. Get sufficient rest between workouts.

Once muscles have been sufficiently trained, extra exercise will not result in additional muscle growth. Once you sufficiently train target muscles, eat and rest to rebuild.

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