Here are the top 10 muscle building, metabolism-elevating, hunger-reducing protein sources that you should be including in your meals.

1. Whole Eggs:

Each egg contains 6 grams of quality protein and loads of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Aim for 3-4 whole eggs a day.

2. Whey Protein:

1 average scoop of whey protein contains 24 grams of high quality protein. Whey is a clean and fast absorbing source of protein ideal for consuming after a workout and in the morning.

3. Lean Beef:

A 3 ounce cut of lean beef provides 23 grams of high powered protein and creatine. Include some beef in your diet, though not as much chicken and fish.

4. Chicken Breast:

3 ounces of boneless and skinless chicken breast delivers 24 grams of protein. This should be one of your go-to proteins for muscle-building gains.

5. Turkey Breast:

3 ounces of turkey breast also delivers 24 grams of protein. Turkey is a good daily source of protein as well.

6. Wild-caught Salmon:

3 ounces of wild caught salmon delivers 23 grams of protein and loads healthy omega-3 fatty acids and minerals. Salmon along with chicken and turkey can be one of your daily go to sources of protein.

7. Tilapia:

3 ounces of tilapia provides 21 grams of protein. This flaky white fish is a relatively cheap sources of quality protein for daily consumption.

8. Nuts:

2 ounces of mixed nuts provide 6 grams of protein and loads of healthy unsaturated fats for muscle building and repair.

9. Lentils:

1/4 cup of dried lentils delivers 13 grams of protein. Lentils are a great source of non-meat protein as well as fiber and loads of minerals.

10. Cottage Cheese:

1/2 cup serving of cottage cheese delivers 14 grams of protein. Cottage cheese is packed with casein, which is a slow digesting protein that is great to have before bed to supply your muscles with a steady stream of protein throughout the night.