How To Workout Like A Legend

    Thinking Like a Legend:

    1. Internal Drive: Legends posses a strong drive to excel. They are obsessed with performing their best. They are disciplined and consistent in their training and diet through the good and bad days.

    2. Clarity of Purpose: Legends have a clear why – purpose – in their training. They have a sense of mission that gives them consistency, intensity and focus in their training.

    3. Perseverance: Legends don’t ever give up. They are positive thinkers. They don’t get discouraged even if they fail over and over again – they simply reflect, adapt and keep pushing forward.

    Training Like a Pro Athlete:

    1. Master Bodyweight Movements: Proficiently do pull ups, push ups, dips, etc. Having a solid foundation in body weight movements helps you to excel in the more complex strength movements.

    2. Train Your Back Twice as Much as Front: Put more effort and volume into training your back muscles, especially with rowing movements. Every other guy in the gym trains the arms and chest. To be elite, train the large and powerful muscle of the back.

    3. Train Effectively: Train with the most effective exercises, which are the core free weight movements such as the deadlift, squat, lunges, bench press, back rows, pull ups, dips, etc.

    4. Train with Explosiveness: Increase the speed of movement in your weight training. Move the weight fast. For example, on the bench press, as you lower the weight, do it slow and controlled, pause, and then from the bottom explode it back up again.

    5. Train with Intensity: Take shorter rests and perform back to back exercises in a row – add supersets and giants sets in your routine. Do high intensity cardio – hill sprints or 100 meter sprint intervals.

    6. Maintain Excellent Form: Maintain excellent form when training explosively and with intensity to progress and prevent injury.

    Rest, sleep and diet:

    1. Rest: Monitor how you feel. Training like a strength athlete stresses your body and nervous system more than regular training.

    2. Sleep: Make sleep a priority. If you don’t, your body will have a hard time recovering from the physical stress of training.

    3. Diet: Get lots of quality protein, essential fats and complex carbs to fuel your training. Learn how to build a nutritious diet.

    Remember, bodybuilding is a pursuit that engages inspires and empowers people in all parts of the world. Legends exemplify excellence. So, exemplify excellence in your training.