How To Choose A Lawyer

Somair S. Alam, Esq.

How To Choose A Lawyer Somair S. Alam, Esq.
How To Choose A Lawyer

Choosing the right attorney can be a difficult task when you are facing a legal challenge. Whether you are facing an immigration issue, bankruptcy case, family law matter or another legal issue for which you need to hire a lawyer, follow these tips to help you make a better decision.

Some of the factors that are important when choosing an attorney are:

  • The attorney’s qualifications to handle your type of case
  • The attorney’s reputation
  • The pricing setup of the attorney or law firm
  • The policies and culture of the law firm

The importance of the qualifications and reputation of the attorney or law firm that handles your case is easy to comprehend. However, law firm pricing, culture and policies do matter as well; the reason for this is that it is important for you to feel comfortable with the attorney or firm that you contract with to handle your case.

Significant legal challenges such immigration, bankruptcy, divorce or a criminal case involve personal discussions and unpleasant realities that you have to sort out and resolve. To work effectively with your attorney and law firm, you should feel that you have good rapport with them and that they are honest and trustworthy.

Get familiar the law firm’s policies, culture and the way the firm operates. Will the attorney who you first meet be the same one who handle your case from beginning to the end? Will the law firm assign different attorney to your case for different aspects of the case – such as one attorney for consultation, another for hearings and yet another for the trial?

In terms of pricing, some law firms offer a very low advertised price to get you in the door, but then they try to find every excuse to charge additional fees for things that routinely come up in many cases.

Other law firms offer a more comprehensive fee that will cover most routine events of a case without additional charges. While unforeseen events can translate to additional fees, it is important to know that the initial flat fee quoted to you is fair, competitive and as comprehensive as possible.

Most law firms offer free initial consultation for prospective clients. The best way to determine whether an attorney or law firm is a good fit for you is to take advantage of these free initial consultations by meeting them and asking the right questions.

Determine what you like about each lawyer and law firm that you meet with and then make an informed decision about who will serve your individual needs the best.