How To Build Muscle At Home Arnold Schwarzenegger Style

Don’t have the time or opportunity to go to the gym? With the following 5 home muscle building exercises you don’t need to step outside of the comfort of your home to build lean muscle fast.

These top five home muscle building workouts consist of moves that engage and develop the muscles of your whole body.


Push up in it’s different variations will build up all of the upper body push muscles (chest, shoulders and triceps) as well as tighten up your core (abdominal and lower back muscles).

Place your arms on the ground shoulder width apart, keep legs together and body straight and erect. Go all the way down, pause, and drive back up. Do as many reps as possible. Perform 6-8 sets of push ups in different variations. Take 30-60 second rest between sets.


Pull up in it’s different variations is an incredible back, biceps and shoulder muscle builder. Pull up is a compound body-weight movement that works a large number of muscles in your back, shoulders and arms.

You can utilize a door frame pull up bar for this exercise. Take an overhand grip shoulder width apart, pull your body all the way up where your chest nearly touches the bar, and slowly come back down to the starting position.

Do as many reps as possible. Perform 6-8 reps of pull ups in different variations. Take 30-60 second rest between sets.


Jump squat is an explosive plyometric body weight exercise that will get your heart pumping and develop all of the muscles of your legs and core. Begin the exercise by standing with your feet shoulder width apart.

Lower your body from the hips into a seated position. Explosively jump up as high as you can. Then softly touch down with your feet straight and come down to a seated position on landing and repeat.


Walking lunge is a great body-weight exercise to build the muscles of the quads, glutes, hamstrings and hips. Start off standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and hands on the hips.

Take a long step forward, descend until your knees almost touch the ground and drive back up and repeat with the other leg. Do as many reps as possible. Take 60 second rests.


The plank is the most effective abdominal exercise that you can perform – it obliterates your abs and core. The plank not only develops bulging abdominal muscles, it also develops the lower back, shoulder and glute muscles.

It’s a fully body isometric exercise. To execute the plank movement, get into the push up position. Then bend your elbows 90 degrees and rest your weight on your forearms. Your body should form a straight line from your elbows to your feet.

Hold the position for 30 seconds to start off. Rest 30-60 second between sets. As you improve, keep increasing the amount of time that you hold the plank.