There are guys who go to the gym for a workout. Then there are guys who train; they train with absolute focus and intensity. They train as if their life depended on the successful completion of each rep and set.

Imagine the sorts of improvements that you could make in your strength and size if every time you stepped into the gym you could lift with that same level of focus and intensity.

You can – and this is how you do it:

If you haven’t trained ‘in the zone’ then consistently training with high levels of focus might be hard to grasp. But once you are able to reach a mindset of intensity, you will take your training to new levels. To get ‘in the zone’, you must know what your motivation to train is. You must also develop a strong mind-muscle connection.

Motivation to train:

Whether you lift in the zone or not hinges on what drives you to lift – your motivation for training. Is it for progressive self-improvement, to push your physical and mental limits, for competition or to look good on the beach?

If you want to achieve the level of focus and intensity that enables you to lift in the zone you have to be driven by a sufficiently strong motivation – something closer to the drive to push your physical and mental limits than to look good on the beach.

When you’re highly motivated, you absolutely enjoy the feeling of conquering challenging training sessions. The more you are motivated the higher the levels of focus and intensity you reach.

High motivation can be difficult to achieve for many. Utilize both internal motivation (e.g., the desire to be the best) and external motivation (e.g., great workout music). Over time you can accrue higher and higher levels of focus and intensity through internal and external motivations.

Mind-Muscle Connection:

Mind-muscle connection is the second crucial factor in intensity. Strong mind-muscle connection differentiates those who accelerate toward their training goals from those who simply go through the motions at the gym.

When you lift, focus on the target muscle, put maximum controlled force into the movement and feel the muscle fibers contract. Be fully present during your lifts.

The stronger the mind-muscle connection you have the more conscious control you have over the muscle. Connecting with the specific muscle becomes especially important when you train the smaller muscles such as rear delts. If you don’t isolate and concentrate on these smaller muscles, they become overpowered by surrounding muscles and don’t develop to their potential.


To excel in lifting, be highly motivated and maintain a robust mind-muscle connection. Embrace the process of overcoming resistance and challenges. Take joy and pride in your training. Lift with complete focus, intensity and intelligence. In turn, you’ll maximize your strength and muscle gains.


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