Frank Zane’s Principles For Staying Fit For Life

Frank Zane is a legendary bodybuilder who has maintained a muscular and fit physique his whole life. You can do the same. The fact is that as human we’re all designed to use our mind and our body – to run, to lift, to hunt, to think and to create.

Yet, life in modern society makes it easy to shut ourselves off from the physical activities that make us thrive as humans.

With the lack of activity in our day to day life, fitness training is a great way to get physical again. But, fitness should not be a phase in our life or a short term pursuit. The key is to take on fitness in a way that it becomes a fun and rewarding life-long journey.

Getting physical and getting moving again will bring┬ánot only increased physical health and strength but also happiness. You feel amazing as you disconnect from the world and reconnect with yourself. But, it is hard to get started if you haven’t been active for a while.

So, follow these strategies to get started and keep going:

1. Keep your fitness goals achievable:

In the beginning, focus on setting S.M.A.R.T. goals. Make your goals specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.

Accomplishing your initial training and nutrition goals will boost your confidence and provide you with more focus to progress to more challenging fitness goals.

It’s good to start small and progressively move up in training intensity vs starting with intensity and burning out in short time.

2. Have a set training plan when you go into the gym:

There are so many different types of exercises and machines in a standard commercial gym that you can get lost in confusion. Explore different training plans and decide on one.

Take that plan with you to the gym and get right into executing it. Stick to the core movements at first.

As you start to get comfortable with the various basic movements for different muscle groups you can begin to explore, experiment and change up exercises, reps, sets etc.

3. Keep your training and nutrition plans simple:

Choose training and nutrition plans that are simple and effective to stick to for the long term. You want your training plan to enable you to make steady progress.

Decide how many days your can train and how long your training session should last to fit into your lifestyle for the long term. Your meal plan should contain healthy and palatable meals that you can keep eating for the long term.

Don’t just cease eating all your favorite foods – keep eating progressively higher portions of healthy foods than unhealthy foods.

4. Track your training progress:

Bring a notebook to the gym and log your workout progress. Also log your nutrition and diet. You can study your log to visibly see your progress and make adjustments to keep you moving in the right direction in training and eating.

5. Don’t let slip ups in eating or training make you stop:

Fitness is a lifetime journey. If you skip workout some days and eat very bad other days, just get back on track and keep going.

Have a 30,000 feet view of fitness. No isolated bad eating or inactivity will derail your fitness journey. Let yourself have some slip ups and keep going.

6. Rest, sleep and low stress:

You might be excited to train all the time, but, it’s important to get sufficient rest between workouts. It’s also crucial to gt consistent good sleep and keep your day to day stress low.

Sometimes take an extra rest day to let your muscles and nervous system recover. Remember, you want to create a life-long fitness journey. Keep it steady and keep progressing.

7. Keep your training fun:

Don’t spend hours weight training and doing endless cardio. Select the types of training that you enjoy doing, get good motivational music and keep it fun!

When you have fun with training and keep coming back for more for weeks, months and years, that’s when you reap the real rewards of fitness.