Whatever you want to accomplish in life, when you come at it with both a strong body and a sound intelligent mind, you bring an unbeatable combination that announces to the world, “I can do anything!”

Lifting expands your physical and psychological strengths. Both of these strengths positively feed back into each other. That is, by going through the grind to develop physical strength you build psychological strength, and enhanced psychological strength leads to more physical strength.

Focused and intense lifting sets you up to dominate other endeavors in life. Training at the gym instills the key traits of discipline, perseverance and overcoming resistance. The resistance that you overcome at the gym makes it easier to take on the world at large.

Through lifting you also learn to disconnect from the distractions of the world and to reconnect with yourself. You learn how to become fully present in the moment – channeling your complete focus and energy into the single task in front of you.

Lifting teaches you that victory only comes when you’re willing to go beyond what’s comfortable and risk failing. The willingness to fail at a certain weight; to go at it again in the next few training sessions; and to eventually conquer that weight and move beyond.

You experience in a unique and concrete way the idea that pushing through failure leads to eventual success. You are guaranteed to outperform anyone who hasn’t practiced to overcome failure and resistance in this way – which is most people.

The lifting lifestyle fills you with confidence. You look and feel incredible, and you have high levels of energy. Society responds to you differently when you are strong and move in the world with strength. People tend to view you as someone who is more capable to take on the world.

Whether people admit it or not, they admire and appreciate those who train, diet and live life day in and day out with a high degree of discipline. It is something that the vast majority of people are not able to do.

You are always free to take on the elite strength life; to be more than your job title, your social role, what you own or how you look. So reach for more. Push yourself to be more than you are today. There is never an end to that.


Insights and motivation on fitness, food, travel and lifestyle through posts by a Swedish-Pakistani–American Lawyer and Pro Athlete.

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