Build A Back Like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s In 4 Moves

Arnold Schwarzenegger had not only the most impressive chest in bodybuilding history but also one of the most impressive backs in bodybuilding history. He achieved his massive back primarily with these 4 moves. Add them to your back program for impressive results.

And remember, you might not be able to see your back muscles but they are the second largest and strongest group of muscles in your body. The back is by far the most important and functional upper body group of muscles that you can develop.

A big strong v-shaped back will always get noticed. It is the hallmark of an impressive physique. In terms functionality, having a strong back ties into your overall weight training success. You have to have a strong back to bench press big weights and squat heavy.

The 4 exercises that build a big back:

1. The Barbell Deadlift

You won’t find a serious deadlifter with a small back. The deadlift is king of back exercises. Similar to the squat, the deadlift is a full body exercise as it requires your whole body to work together to move the weight.

The deadlift does require excellent form so learn the movement and you will be on your way to building a big and strong back that will get noticed.

Perform 4 working sets of the barbell deadlift for 6-8 reps.

2. Barbell Bent Over Row:

The barbell bent over row is one of the most effective exercises that you can perform to build the thickness of your back. Make sure to get the form down at first.

If you have a weak or injury-prone lower back, you can also perform the cable seated rows instead and achieve almost as good results.

Perform 4 working sets of the barbell bent over rows for 6-10 reps.

3. Wide Grip Pull Up:

The wide grip pull up is one of the most effective means of developing back width. Pull ups will pack on muscle on your whole back, especially the latissimus dorsi and also on your biceps.

Perform 4 working sets of the wide grip pull ups to failure.

4. T-Bar Row

The T-bar row is an extrmely effective movement to develop the thickness of your back. The narrow grip variation will allow you to move the most weight and stimulate your back with the heaviest possible weights for accelerated back size and strength development.

Perform 4 working sets of the narrow grip lat pull-down for 6-10 reps.