What comes to your mind when you think of aging?

Probably weakness and physical struggles. For those who have been inactive, who haven’t maintained good nutrition and haven’t exercised throughout their lives, the aging process is much tougher and limiting than it should be. They suffer from accelerated loss of strength, posture, health and fitness level. We all age biologically – there’s no denying that. But, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Your physical strength and quality of life are attributes of your life that you have control over. If you decide to take on strength training, no matter what age or gender you are – the strength that you will gain will literally make it harder for anything or anyone in life to defeat or kill you – physically, mentally or emotionally.

If there is one truly effective and natural activity that extends youth and strength in the long term then it’s strength training. So, let’s explore why you can’t afford to neglect this activity if you want to live young and strong long and improve your quality of life.

The top 12 benefits you’ll gain from strength training:

Stronger Muscles – Strength training develops strong muscles. When you challenge your muscles through physical resistance, your body responds by regenerating progressively thicker and stronger muscle fibers.

Stronger Bones – Strength training develops strong bones. When you load your bones through physical resistance, you progressively increase the density of your bones and joints, strengthening them and reducing the risk of injury and risk of osteoporosis.

Leaner body – Strength training keeps your metabolic rate high, allowing you to burn more calories. The lean muscles that you build burns uses up more calories. This allows you to stay lean while being able to consume more calories.

Better posture – Strength training enables you to maintain a strong posture. Strengthened muscles of the back, thighs, neck, shoulder and the core keep your posture erect and powerful.

More stamina – When you strength train you build more stamina. Having a body that is leaner and consists of stronger muscles and bones enables you to take on more rigorous physical activities with more ease. As physical activities become easier you will naturally become more active.

Improved balance – Robust joints and muscles as well as a strong mind to muscle connection increases your dynamic balance, stability and joint flexibility.

Increased brain power – Recent studies have shown that strength training improves and increases blood flow to the brain; helps regenerate brain cells, improves your memory and focus and boosts your overall brain performance.

Improved gene expression – Recent studies have also shown that strength training reduces oxidative stress in the body and moves back gene expression to more youthful levels – the genes becoming 10 years younger.

Increased testosterone – For men, strength training has the added benefit of increasing your testosterone levels.

Lowered stress – Strength training relieves tension, lowers stress, increases your endorphin levels and improves your mood.

Improved eating habits – Strength training motivates you to stick to a more nutritious diet – leading to a healthier, stronger, leaner, and both relaxed and energized you.

Enhanced confidence – When you strength train, you will gain more confidence and self-esteem. The combination of strong posture and confidence will show in the way you stand, the way you walk and your overall body language.



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