Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Gym Success Mindset

Arnold Schwarzenegger had one of the most incredible gym and life success mindsets. He demonstrated that bodybuilding and fitness training doesn’t only transform your physique, but it also transforms the way that you view and interact with the world.

The strength and confidence that Arnold Schwarzenegger acquired from training hard in the gym he applied to almost every endeavor that he took on subsequently.

Here are a few of the many ways in which training helps you develop a success mindset:


When you train as a bodybuilder or as a fitness trainee, you get to apply this ideal on a daily basis in the form of progressive overload – where you progressively lift heavier and heavier weights to the point where you physically can not lift it anymore.

The willingness to fail at a specific weight in the gym just to try it again and again in the next few sessions – and to eventually successfully lift that weight allows you to interact with ‘failure leads to eventual success’ in a real and rewarding way.


How many endeavors outside of athletics and fitness allow you to apply single-minded focus and willpower on a daily basis?

When you lie down underneath the bar on a bench press or step underneath the bar in a squat rack and you summon all of your energy to successfully engage that weight – in that moment, there are no lousy thoughts, no doubts, no questions, only a single-minded focus and a certainty of will.


Both athletics and fitness training teach you in a meaningful way that progress and success only come from the willingness to step outside of your comfort zone day in and day out.

If you don’t lift progressively heavier weights or you don’t change up one of the variables that will make your training progressively more challenging, then you won’t reach new heights in your fitness or athletic journey.


With physical training you get to learn how to disconnect from the distractions of the world at large and to reconnect with yourself and your task in the in the here and now.

You learn how to powerfully and positively visualize the task that you are about to accomplish – with nothing else occupying your mind – and then you channel all of your focus and energy on the task in the moment.


When you consistently apply the ideals of resolve, focus and certainty of will through athletic and fitness training, you develop an irrevocable conviction that you can overcome any resistance or any challenge that you encounter in the gym or in the world at large.