Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 10 Rules To Gain Muscle Fast

    Do you want to pack on size and become more muscular, ripped and stronger faster? Follow these 10 proven rules that Arnold Schwarzenegger advocates for accelerating lean muscle and strength gains:

    1. CONSUME MORE CALORIES. Eat more food with quality nutrients. Eat muscle building snacks and whey protein shakes in between your main meals to increase your daily calories for building muscle and strength.

    2. INCREASE YOUR PROTEIN. Consume 1 gram of protein per .5 kg of body weight. Increasing protein will speed up muscle building and prevent protein breakdown. Use whey protein shakes to add more protein.

    3. INCREASE YOUR CARBS. Consume 3 grams of complex carbs per .5 kg of body weight. Increasing your complex carbs will provide your body with lots of energy and help prevent the body from breaking down muscle tissue during training.

    4. INCREASE YOUR HEALTHY FATS. In addition to consuming more calories and higher amounts protein and carbs, also eat quality healthy fats. Eat salmon and nuts to get omega-3 fatty acids and other healthy fats.

    5. FOCUS ON THE BASIC LIFTS. Focus your training sessions on the basic compound free weight lifts. Isolation exercises, machines and body weight exercises should be done secondary.

    6. LIFT SLOWER. You stimulate muscle growth during training through contraction and stretching of muscle fibers under heavy loads. When lifting, bring the weight back to the starting position slower for maximal muscle tension and stimulation.

    7. USE PROVEN SUPPLEMENTS. The key to building muscle is training, eating, resting and using effective supplements. Whey protein, creatine-monohydrate, BCAAs, fish oil and multivitamins are all effective muscle building supplements.

    8. LIFT HEAVY WITH HIGH VOLUME. Training with heavy weights in basic compound movements and training with high volume in the 6 – 10 rep range are time-tested strategies of building lots of muscle quickly.

    9. GET ENOUGH REST BETWEEN WORKOUTS. Once your muscles have been sufficiently trained and stimulated, extra exercise will not result in additional muscle growth. After sufficiently training your muscles, eat and rest to let your body rebuild your muscles.

    10. STAY CONSISTENT: You can have the best training one day, best diet another day and the best sleep some other day – but it won’t help. You have to consistently get good sleep, nutrient dense foods and train effectively day after day to gain quality muscle fast.