100 Greatest Quotes on Life, Love and Wisdom From The Greatest Mystic of All Time.


I long to escape the prison of my ego and lose myself in You. 

— Rumi




Whenever sorrow comes, be kind to it.
For God has placed a pearl in sorrow’s hand. 

— Rumi




This place is a dream. Only a sleeper considers it real. Then death comes like dawn, and you wake up laughing at what you thought was your grief. 

— Rumi




Whatever possessions and objects of its desires the lower self may obtain, it hangs on to them, refusing to let them go out of greed for more, or out of fear of poverty and need. 

— Rumi




Know then that the body is merely a garment. Go seek the wearer, not the cloak. 

— Rumi




This is love: to fly toward a secret sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment. First to let go of life. Finally, to take a step without feet. 

— Rumi




Every love outside of HIS love, is pain. 

— Rumi




Inside any deep asking is the answering. 

— Rumi




Be an empty page, untouched by words. 

— Rumi




If something makes you happy in this world, you should think of what will happen to you if that thing were taken away. 

— Rumi




When something goes wrong, accuse yourself first. Even the wisdom of Plato or Solomon can wobble and go blind. 

— Rumi




Swim out of your little pond. 

— Rumi




Death has nothing to do with going away.The sun sets
The moon sets
But they are not gone. 

— Rumi




The water has a Water that is driving it;
The spirit has a Spirit that is Calling it. 

— Rumi




Friend, our closeness is this: anywhere you put your foot, feel me in the firmness under you. 

— Rumi




What? Are you still pretending you are separate from the Beloved? 

— Rumi




In their seeking, wisdom and madness are one and the same. On the path of love, friend and stranger are one and the same. 

— Rumi




Happy, not from anything that happens. Warm, not from fire or a hot bath. Light, I register zero on a scale. 

— Rumi




When I am with you, we stay up all night. When you’re not here, I can’t go to sleep. Praise God for those two insomnias! And the difference between them. 

— Rumi




Do not worry if all the candles in the world flicker and die. We have the spark that starts the fire. 

— Rumi




Be quiet now and wait. It may be that the ocean one, the one we desire so to move into and become, desires us out here on land a little longer, going our sundry roads to the shore. 

— Rumi




Your light is more magnificent than sunrise or sunset. 

— Rumi




The interpretation that makes you ardent and hopeful and active and reverent is the true one. 

— Rumi




In your light I learn how to love. In your beauty, how to make poems. You dance inside my chest where no-one sees you, but sometimes I do, and that sight becomes this art. 

— Rumi




.Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious. 

— Rumi



You sit here for days saying, this is a strange business. You’re the strange business. You have the energy of the sun in you, but you keep knotting it up at the base of your spine. — Rumi



Last night my teacher taught me the lesson of Poverty: Having nothing and wanting nothing. — Rumi



Whoever’s calm and sensible is insane! — Rumi



Give up to grace. The ocean takes care of each wave ’til it gets to shore. You need more help than you know. — Rumi



Oh Soul! You worry too much. Your arms are heavy with treasures of all kinds. — Rumi



When the ocean surges, don’t let me just hear it. Let it splash inside my chest! — Rumi



Everyone turns toward someone. Look for one scarred by the King’s polo stick. — Rumi



To become spiritual, you must die to self, and come alive in the Lord. Only then will the mysteries of God fall from your lips. To die to self through self-discipline causes suffering but brings you everlasting life. — Rumi



Let soul speak with the silent articulation of a face. — Rumi



Everything is soul and flowering. — Rumi



Light up the fire of love inside and blaze the thoughts away. — Rumi



Love calls – everywhere and always. We’re sky bound. Are you coming? — Rumi



Silence is the root of everything. If you spiral into its void a hundred voices will thunder messages you long to hear. — Rumi



Either give me more wine or leave me alone. — Rumi



You run back and forth listening for unusual events, peering into the faces of travelers. “Why are you looking at me like a madman?” I have lost a friend. Please forgive me. — Rumi



Lamps are different, but light is the same. — Rumi



Lo, I am with you always means when you look for God, God is in the look of your eyes, in the thought of looking, nearer to you than your self, or things that have happened to you. There’s no need to go outside. — Rumi



Lovers drink wine all day and night and tear the veils of the mind.
When drunk with love’s wine, body, heart and soul become one. — Rumi



No more holding back.
Be reckless.
Tell your Love to everybody. — Rumi



Birds make great sky-circles of their freedom. How do they learn it? They fall and falling, they’re given wings. — Rumi



If God said, ‘Rumi pay homage to everything that has helped you enter my arms,’ there would not be one experience of my life, not one thought, not one feeling, nor any act, I would not bow to. — Rumi



Oh my friend, all that you see of me is a shell, the rest belongs to love. — Rumi



Criticism polishes my mirror. — Rumi



There is no reality but God , says the completely surrendered sheikh, who is an ocean for all beings. — Rumi



Whenever they rebuild an old building, they must first of all destroy the old one. — Rumi



Lovers have heartaches
That can’t be cured by drugs
Or sleep,
Or games,
But only by seeing their beloved. — Rumi



I didn’t come here of my own accord, and I can’t leave that way. Whoever brought me here will have to take me home. — Rumi



Be occupied, then, with what you really value and let the thief take something else. — Rumi



Dance, and make joyous the love around you. Dance, and your veils which hide the Light shall swirl in a heap at your feet. — Rumi



Your body is woven from the Light of Heaven. — Rumi



You had better run from me. My words are fire. — Rumi



Look at Love with the eyes of your Heart. — Rumi



If only you knew what bliss I find in being nothing. — Rumi



God turns you from one feeling to another and teaches by means of opposites so that you will have two wings to fly, not one. — Rumi



Achieve some perfection [excellence] yourself, so that you may not fall into sorrow by seeing the perfection in others. — Rumi



If you find the mirror of the heart dull, the rust has not been cleared from its face. — Rumi



There is a basket of fresh bread on your head, yet you go door to door asking for crusts. — Rumi



One day your heart will take you to your Lover.
One day your soul will carry you to the Beloved.
Don’t get lost in your pain, know that one day your
pain will become your cure. — Rumi



Your depression is connected to your insolence and refusal to praise. — Rumi



When the rose is gone and the garden faded you will no longer hear the nightingale’s song. The Beloved is all; the lover just a veil. The Beloved is living; the lover a dead thing. If love withholds its strengthening care, the lover is left like a bird without care, the lover is left like a bird without wings. How will I be awake and aware if the light of the Beloved is absent? Love wills that this Word be brought forth. — Rumi



Greed makes man blind and foolish, and makes him an easy prey for death. — Rumi



Patience is the key to joy. — Rumi



To change, you must face the dragon of your appetites with another dragon: the life-energy of the soul. — Rumi



Grace comes to forgive and then forgive again. — Rumi



You must lance an ulcer to heal it. You must tear down parts of an old building to restore it, and so it is with a sensual life that has no spirit in it. — Rumi



Half-heartedness doesn’t reach into majesty. — Rumi



New organs of perception come into being as a result of necessity. Therefore, O man, increase your necessity, so that you may increase your perception. — Rumi



Whoever brought me here will have to take me home. — Rumi



Be drunk with LOVE, for Love is all that exists. — Rumi



The message behind the words
is the voice of the heart. — Rumi



I know you’re tired but come, this is the way. — Rumi



There is a moon inside every human being. Learn to be companions with it. — Rumi



By God, when you see your beauty you will be the idol of yourself. — Rumi



Tender words we spoke to one another are sealed in the secret vaults of heaven. One day like rain, they will fall to earth and grow green all over the world. — Rumi



Words are a pretext. It is the inner bond that draws one person to another, not words. — Rumi



Whatever sorrow shakes from your heart,
far better things will take their place. — Rumi



Rub your eyes, and look again at love, with love. — Rumi



Whatever happens, just keep smiling and lose yourself in Love. — Rumi



Nothing can nourish the SOUL but LIGHT. — Rumi



Ecstatic Love is an ocean, and the Milky Way is a flake of foam floating on it. — Rumi



‎Dancing is not just getting up painlessly, like a leaf blown on the wind; dancing is when you tear your heart out and rise out of your body to hang suspended between the worlds. — Rumi



I don’t regret how much I love, and I avoid those who repent their passion. — Rumi



Limp along until your legs are spent, and you fall flat and your energy is drained. Then the grace of the Divine will lift you. — Rumi



Consider how wool is turned into an elegantly designed carpet by coming into contact with an intelligent person. — Rumi



Why, when God’s world is so big, did you fall asleep in a prison, of all places? — Rumi



I said, “I just want to know you and then disappear.” She said, “Knowing me does not mean dying. — Rumi



You think you are alive because you breathe air? Shame on you, that you are alive in such a limited way. Don’t be without Love, so you won’t feel dead. Die in Love and stay alive forever. — Rumi



This is what love does and continues to do. It tastes like honey to adults and milk to children. — Rumi



The source of now is here. — Rumi



Your breath touched my soul and I saw beyond all limits. — Rumi



Be kind to yourself, dear – to our innocent follies.
Forget any sounds or touch you knew that did not help you dance.
You will come to see that all evolves us. — Rumi



Whoever has Heart’s doors wide open,
could see the Sun itself in every atom. — Rumi



Nothing can help me but that beauty. There was a dawn I remember when my soul heard something from your soul. I drank water from your spring and felt the current take me. — Rumi



If you wish to shine like day, burn up the night of self-existence. Dissolve in the Being who is everything. — Rumi



I died as a mineral and became a plant, I died as a plant and rose to animal, I died as an animal and I was Man. Why should I fear? When was I less by dying? — Rumi



Only from the heart can you touch the sky. — Rumi



Thankfulness brings you to the place where the Beloved lives. — Rumi



I lost my hat while gazing at the moon, and then I lost my mind. — Rumi



Two there are who are never satisfied — the lover of the world and the lover of knowledge. — Rumi



You are a lover of your own experience … not of me … you turn to me to feel your own emotion. — Rumi



The moment I first heard love I gave up my soul, my heart, and my eyes. — Rumi



We can’t help being thirsty, moving toward the voice of water. — Rumi



You have forgotten the One who doesn’t care about ownership, who doesn’t try to turn a profit from every human exchange. — Rumi



Sing to me in the silence of your heart and I will rise up to hear your triumphant song. — Rumi



The soul is here for its own joy. — Rumi



On the path of Love we are neither masters nor the owners of our lives. We are only a brush in the hand of the Master Painter. — Rumi



Beware! Don’t allow yourself to do what you know is wrong, relying on the thought, Later I will repent and ask God’s forgiveness. — Rumi



Break your pitcher against a rock. We don’t need any longer to haul pieces of the ocean around. — Rumi



All that you think is rain is not. Behind the veil angels sometimes weep. — Rumi



Work on your strong qualities and become resplendent like the ruby. Practice self-denial and accept difficulty. Always see infinite life in letting the self die. Your stoniness will decrease; your ruby nature will grow. The signs of self-existence will leave your body, and ecstasy will take you over. — Rumi



Let us carve gems out of our stony hearts and let them light our path to love. — Rumi



We are all the same … all the same…
longing to find our way back …
back to the One … back to the Only One! — Rumi



Whoever finds love beneath hurt and grief disappears into emptiness with a thousand new disguises. — Rumi



Everyone is so afraid of death, but the real sufis just laugh: nothing tyrannizes their hearts. What strikes the oyster shell does not damage the pearl. — Rumi



If in thirst you drink water from a cup, you see God in it. Those who are not in love with God will see only their own faces in it. — Rumi



When I die, I shall soar with angels, and when I die to the angels, what I shall become you cannot imagine. — Rumi



If you see Two in One – I only see One in Two. — Rumi



Lovely days don’t come to you, you should walk to them. — Rumi



It is Love that gives joy to happiness. — Rumi



Sometimes the shadow stays next to the Light. Sometimes it disappears into the Light. — Rumi



The life of this world is nothing but the harmony of opposites. — Rumi



Until the juice ferments a while in the cask, it isn’t wine. If you wish your heart to be bright, you must do a little work. — Rumi



Sell Not Yourself At Little Price, Being So Precious In
God’s Eyes. — Rumi



Your kindness cannot be said.
You open doors in the sky.
You ease the heart and make
God’s qualities visible. — Rumi



Lots of ways to reach God,
I chose love. — Rumi



All is known in the sacredness of silence. — Rumi



Ignorance is God’s prison. Knowing is God’s palace — Rumi



In truth, everything and everyone
is a shadow of the Beloved. — Rumi



I, you, he, she, we In the garden of mystic lovers, these are not true distinctions. — Rumi



There are lovers content with longing. I’m not one of them. — Rumi



Gamble everything for love, if you’re a true human being. — Rumi



Your longing for ME is my message to you, All your attempts to reach ME, Are in reality MY attempts to reach you. — Rumi



Love said to me, there is nothing that is not me. Be silent. — Rumi



Doing as others told me, I was Blind. Coming when others called me, I was Lost. Then I left everyone, myself as well. Then I found Everyone, Myself as well. — Rumi



Seek the wisdom that will untie your knot. Seek the path that demands your whole being. — Rumi



You fill yourself with the sharp pain of love, rather than its fulfillment. — Rumi



Love has come to rule and transform; Stay awake, my heart, stay awake. — Rumi



To me nothing in the world is as precious as a genuine smile, especially from a child. — Rumi



I was a tiny bug. Now a mountain. I was left behind. Now honored at the head. You healed my wounded hunger and anger, and made me a poet who sings about joy. — Rumi



Very high, very grand, and very wise is the ocean of God, the Water of Life. You went after the form and were lead astray. How can you see it? You abandoned the truth. Sometimes it is named “tree,” sometimes “sun,” sometimes “ocean,” sometimes “cloud,” one thing from which scores of discoveries arise, its slightest definition an everlasting life. — Rumi



Dance from here to the other world-and don’t stop. — Rumi



Do thou smile like the rose at loss and gain; For the rose, though its petals be torn asunder, Still smiles on, and it is never cast down. — Rumi



Listen, open a window to God and begin to delight yourself by gazing upon Him through the opening. — Rumi



Daylight, full of small dancing particles and the one great turning, our souls are dancing with you, without feet, they dance. Can you see them when I whisper in your ear? All day and night, music, a quiet, bright reedsong. If it fades, we fade. — Rumi



Wake up Lovers, It is time to start the Journey! Let us kiss the ground & flow like a river towards the Ocean. Only love can lead the way. — Rumi



Don’t look for me in a human shape,
I am inside your looking. — Rumi



The fluteplayer puts breath into a flute, and who makes the music? Not the flute. The Fluteplayer! — Rumi



I drank water from your spring
and felt the current take me. — Rumi



Be full of sorrow, that you may become hill of joy; weep, that you may break into laughter. — Rumi



I searched for God and found only myself. I searched for myself and found only God. — Rumi



The Water said to the dirty one, “Come here.” The dirty one said, “I am too ashamed.” The water replied, “How will your shame be washed away without me? — Rumi



Whoever travels without a guide, needs two hundred years for a two-day journey. — Rumi



If the house of the world is dark, Love will find a way to create windows. — Rumi



I cannot stop asking. If I could taste one sip of an answer, I could break out of this prison for drunks. — Rumi



I do not know who lives here in my chest, or why the smile comes. I am not myself, more the bare green knob of a rose that lost every leaf and petal to the morning wind. — Rumi



Oh god
Let all lovers be content
Give them happy endings
Let their lives be celebrations
Let their hearts dance in the fire of your love. — Rumi



Be watchful – the grace of God appears suddenly. It comes without warning to an open heart. — Rumi



I am like the heaven, like the moon, like a candle by your glow; I am all reason, all love, all soul, by your soul. — Rumi



If your guidance is your ego, don’t rely on luck for help. you sleep during the day and the nights are short. By the time you wake up your life may be over. — Rumi



The spirit is so near that you can’t see it!
But reach for it… don’t be a jar, full of water, whose rim is always dry. Don’t be the rider who gallops all night and never sees the horse that is beneath him. — Rumi



The lovers of God never run out of patience, for they know that time is needed for the crescent moon to become full. — Rumi



Speak any language, Turkish, Greek, Persian, Arabic, but always speak with love. — Rumi




Your worst enemy is hiding within yourself, and that enemy is your nafs or false ego. — Rumi



The rule that covers everything is: how you are with others, expect that back. — Rumi



Place a padlock on your throat and hide the key. — Rumi



The Past, the Future, O dear, is from you; you should regard both these as one. — Rumi



Any wine will get you high. Judge like a king, and choose the purest, the ones unadulterated with fear, or some urgency about “what’s needed.” — Rumi



Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart. — Rumi



Remember. The way you make love is the way God will be with you. — Rumi