10 Best Biceps Exercises

    What man doesn’t want strong muscular arms? To achieve well developed arms though, you need to train your biceps hard and smart. Here are 10 of the best biceps mass building exercises that you can perform to build peaking biceps.


    1. Standing Barbell Curl

    Standing barbell curl is one of the best biceps mass exercises that you can perform. It’s simple and highly effective. The barbell allows you to curl more weight and the exercise highly activates both the short and long heads of the biceps muscle. This is an excellent exercise to start your biceps workout with.

    2. Dumbbell Curl

    Dumbbell curl, whether done seated or standing, is an effective biceps exercise. Really focus on the contraction and stretch in the biceps as you curl the weight.

    3. Standing Cable Curl

    Standing cable curl is similar to the standing barbell curl but the advantage here is that the cable provides constant tension on your biceps muscle throughout the exercise.

    4. Dumbbell Hammer Curl

    Dumbbell hammer curl is an excellent biceps and brachialis exercise to help you develop mass on both the upper and lower arms.

    5. Cable Rope Hammer Curl

    Cable rope hammer curl is another great exercise that develops both the brachialis and biceps brachii muscle. A thicker brachialis adds to the overall size and muscularity of the arm. The advantage of the cable hammer curl is that you can keep constant tension on the muscles throughout the exercise.

    6. Preacher Curl

    Preacher curl can be done in the traditional way with a bar or with a dumbbell, a machine or cable. The exercise provides excellent stretch, contraction and activation of your biceps muscle when done correctly.

    7. Alternating Dumbbell Curl

    Alternating dumbbell curl is another classic biceps exercise. This is an excellent exercise to develop size and strength of the biceps.

    8. Overhead Cable Curl

    Overhead cable curl is a great exercise for developing both the biceps brachii and brachialis. The exercise provides constant tension and good stretch and contraction of your biceps muscle.

    9. Incline Bench Curl

    Incline bench biceps curl increases the stretch on the biceps muscle at the bottom of the movement and it takes stronger contraction to get the weight back up to the top. This provides an overall good activation of the biceps muscle.

    10. Concentration Curl

    Concentration curl is one of the best biceps exercises that you can perform. The exercise heavily activates the biceps muscle. This is a good exercise to finish your biceps training workout with.